dolphin drawing created by Luna Ahn

‘Pierra’ means ‘Sea of Wisdom’  and the main purpose of this drawing is to help enhance the communication ability and creativity within us. The turquoise colour represents the Ananda Khanda in the Higher Heart to initiate our individuation.

Related Chakras:

Throat, Solar Plexus, Higher Heart

Planets & Constellations:

Mercury- The Planet of Communication, Sirius Constellation

Masters & Angles:

Orion & Angelica, Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel, El-Myora

Animal Spirits & Numbers:

Dolphins and Butterfly, Vibration of 3, 33

The message of Dolphins:

Buddah once said that there are three orders of beings on this planet that can reach enlightenment: dolphins, Whales, and humans. Perhaps the order of this list implies that dolphins and whales have a greater chance of enlightenment than do humans because dolphins and whales don’t need to worry about survival, in the same way humans do. This makes them creating in their brain more neural connections while humans struggle with survival issues to keep our neural connections to a minimum, and caught in receptive thought patterns. Dolphins are one of the only creatures that truly value joy and pleasure that teaches us ‘To be creative is to be playful, not serious.’

Dolphin brings the gift of freedom found in playfulness, power expressed through harmony, and uniqueness found in connection that makes you come alive.

The Keynotes of this drawing is creativity, playfulness, joy, and communication from the heart to be clearly expressed.

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