Rainbow Dream Catcher drawing by Luna Ahn

Rainbow Dreamcatcher feather by Luna Ahn

This Rainbow Dreamcatcher has been created to connect with all Chakras for Soul and Heart Therapy!
And it's my first original art I sold, and it's been sold to my best friend last year✨😊
She is more than friends to me since we’ve been friends over 20 years now, and she is the only Korean friend I’m in contact with. She is like my sister and the closest companion of this life journey!
She found this dreamcatcher last year she visited me from Korea. (It was her first time to visit me after I moved to Vancouver) She was going through my portfolios and was very excited about the drawing when she found this. She showed her cell phone having a dreamcatcher as a lock screen and telling me that she’d been drawn to dreamcatchers for a while and wanted to find something better than photos. Then she found it with one of my drawings. It was like I meant to draw this for her even though I was not intentionally thinking about her while I was drawing this. It was meant to be hers and she came to Vancouver to find this all the way from Korea after 10 years!
My first original drawing sold to my best friend was quite blessing as it seemed like it’s been planned all by universe.
I’m glad this found a wonderful and safe home of my dearest friend :)

A dream doesn't become reality through magic, it takes sweat, determination, and hard work.  The only requirement of having a dream, is believing in it. "  - Colin Powell and Molly Barker

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