This was my first feather drawing I've ever drawn and became a huge hit to help me exposed to more audiences on Instagram. It was a wonderful moment to find many people were resonated with my style of drawing as I started this with no expectation. It was light intention and more like a practise as this was my first Zentangle art.
I really enjoyed drawing this and many creative ideas came through. My heart felt lighter as if I was getting my lost wings back while I was drawing this. It's a strong alchemical healing for Heart Chakra to balance with all Chakras within.  I'm so glad so many people were connected with me through this feather drawing and they felt same healing vibrations from this too. Love the way how universe created this miracle to encourage me. It was a great motivation for me to believe the guidance of my drawings and continue what I feel right to do.  Universe surprises us in an unexpected way to help us even though the process is sometimes very slow and challenging.
There are more I would like to share with this drawing. It's the quote from the movie X-Men Days of Future Past.(Really?) Yes, I'm a big fan of this series as I feel something very deep about this movie. I just had to hear this part of what future Charles told to past(younger) Charles in the movie.
It is not their pain you are afraid of, it's yours, Charles. And as frightening as it may be,that pain will make you stronger, if you allow yourself to feel it, embrace it.  It will make you more powerful than you ever imagined. It's the greatest gift we have, to bear their pain without breaking.
And it's born from the most human power - hope."
I remember the first time I watched this part of the movie and cried with Charles. It was such a deep resonance and I was quite surprised about the writer.  The pain I experience in this world through my life journey was like ripping off the heart into pieces that made me powerless, useless and hopeless. Feeling like living in an endless pain of life, which eventually leads you to the moment you want to give up. The words from future Charles was the truth from someone who has experienced the same pain in the heart, also learned where the suffering came from and why it happened, then how to overcome the pain and transform the pain into their own strength. When I watched this, I felt like Spirit spoke to me through the future Charles in the movie to comfort my heart and Soul to guide through my healing journey.

Hope to share with those who were born with the artist hearts  - indigo, crystal, rainbow souls.

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