kundalini balance for chakra healing by Luna Ahn

‘Rehhaa’ means ‘Union’ and created from the vibrations of Dragon Spirit for the Kundalini energy  to associate with all chakras (energy centres in our body). The connected stars and constellations are Rigel in Orion and Alcyon in Pleiades.  The number vibration is 11:11 and the connected planet is Sun.

This fire flame of dragon energy works through the kundalini to give an alchemical healing. Kundalini is a primal energy in yogi theory and the Grace of God in Christianity. In a Sanskrit word that literally means "snake." Kundalini is also called "serpent power" because this sleeping spiritual force in every human being lies coiled at the base of the spine. Once awakened, it rises through chakras, and finds expression in the form of spiritual knowledge and mystical visions.
There is a hero in every heart waiting for the dragon to come out. True Dragons are among the Universe's most perfect beings.

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