Yin and Yang Mandala to balance Light and Darkness, Divine Feminine and Divine Male energies within us.
The Truth I have realized through my journey was there are no good and bad between Light and Darkness. They co-exist together to give us choices to learn the true meaning of Light, to create our life with who we’re born to be, and what we’re born to live with. The choices to make the changes in our life with Light,and embracing the Darkness within us to grow...." - Luna Ahn

"Man hovers between Light & Darkness, Woman between Darkness & Light
When the twain meet, Time stood still in suspended space and stars gasp in silence" - Fulan
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  1. Your artwork is stunning! I had no idea!

  2. Thank you Raven! Glad you connected with me again and took a time to check out my website :) I had no idea too. used to draw a lot when I was a child and started drawing again since last year and felt like this is what I meant to do with my gift of drawing. Happy to hear that you like them :)