Crown Chakra Mandala by Luna Ahn

Crown Chakra is the top Chakra of the seven Chakras and located at the crown of the head. It is our connection to our Divine Self.  Commonly represented with the colour of violet and white but Crown Chakra embraces all colours of Chakras as I see in my visions with its endless petals.

The core vibrations of this drawing is transformation with the balance of all energy centres in our bodies with the main colour of violet.

Violet represents metanoia, a complete change, a transformation that leads in the direction of a change of being. This change takes place not just in the way we think about things, but in every aspect of the mind. Everything we believed, thought, and felt is transformed. It's new level of spirituality, suggesting that the previous form of spiritual existence has fallen away and a new being has come about. Violet implies a deep transformational experience.
" In the beginning the trees are trees, the rivers are rivers, and the mountains are mountains. As you go along the path, the mountains are no longer mountains, the trees are no longer trees, and the rivers are no longer rivers.  You go along the path a little further and the trees are the trees again, the mountains are the mountains again, the rivers are the rivers again, but the difference is that we no longer believe it."  - Zen Proverb

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