Aratron has been created with the vibrations of the angel named Aratron who is a guardian angel of nature's magic and the spirit of butterfly.
I also have a story I want to share with this Aratron butterfly drawing!
As the powerful meaning of butterfly is transformation with important change in your life, I was led to join my first art show right after I finished Aratron.
It was Feburary 2017, I had my first ever Art Show at the PancakesandBooze in Vancouver and it was an amazing experience! It was very casual and fun show with many local artists and really helped me to take a big step and gain confidence with my drawing.
I displayed three artworks at the show- Tyke the Soul, OM Mandala and  drawing, and this Aratron drawing.  I didn't have much expectation on sales that the event and place might not be a right place for my art, then this kind soul showed up with his family and shared positive feedback of my artworks, then he bought the butterfly drawing Aratron! Wow! My first sale at my first show! Quite amazing feeling! 😊 I whispered to quietly to myself "Thank you Universe that I could have at least one drawing sold!" That's enough for me for the show today". Fun time passed and I was happy with what I experienced so started packing when the event was almost closing.When I was about to leave, another kind soul showed up from no where and looking at my elephant drawing Tyke. He said " OMGosh did you draw this? I can't believe you drew this! this is the most beautiful art I've seen from this show and exactly what I've been looking for!" (I was very honoured and yet more flattered at the moment! ☺️)Then he wanted all three of them!! All THREE!! He bought the big print of elephant, the OM mandala and even the mini print of Aratron!! What a big surprise from the Universe for my first show! (The beginner's luck never fails!) So I got the beginner's luck to sell all my three artworks I displayed at the show by a surprise gift of Universe! Well, it was a good one, really! Thank you, Universe! You rock!! 💓
After that, my art journey led me to the place where I am now. It helped me to continue to grow that I'm now creating products of my drawings, selling prints and originals...I can see that how much I have grown since the show and how much the show helped me to learn about what I can do with my creations.
Big thank you to the family of kind souls and my beautiful friends who stopped by for my first art show!

The butterfly is a symbol of powerful transformation. When the butterfly comes into your life, you may be going through important change of your life.
Below is the spiritual meaning of butterfly includes:
- Powerful transformation, metamorphosis in your life and personaliy
-Moving through different life cycles
-Renew and rebirth
- Lightness of being and playfulness
-Elevation from earthly matters, tuning into emotional or spiritual
-The world of the soul

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