In January 2019, I started illustrations after being on the art journey with my New Aeon Healing Art for two years. I felt like I needed to expand my skills as I’ve always wanted to be an illustrator as a huge fan of cute, fluffy, kawaii characters, animations, comic books and all mystical and fantasy beings.
I remember that my childhood dream was becoming a comic book artist as I’ve grown up with reading thousands of them.
Creating healing art has been amazing experience for me to balance my depression. However the deep void feeling about life always came back when I didn’t draw and it tortured me…The feeling made me wish no morning after night……
So I found that I needed to be in this healing space more often as drawing is like a medicine to me :)
I decided to expand my art journey to draw things made me happy in the past, things give me smile now and inspire me to give meanings to life again.
I wanted to feel alive and wanted to see the world through the eyes of a child, the time when I was fearless, dreamed of endless adventures and thought the world was still bright.
I’ve been struggling with fear and frustrated by the slow progress and sometimes worried about being a full time artist.
After walking through all these negative thoughts and worries, I always find the light shines on my path even though it’s a tiny ray of spark. It’s always there to show the direction of my path.
So I decided to follow the light even though it’s a tiny ray of hope as I finally learned to enjoy the progress.
Tell you the truth, I AM happy now with all my creations from colours. I have moments of smile everyday and feeling happy with life again :)
And I wish I could deliver those rainbow vibes with my illustrations and healing art for your heart and soul too.
Thank you so much for reading my story to connect with me!

Much gratitude and love **

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