Luna Ahn

Hello, beautiful souls! Thank you for visiting my page to share your beautiful spark with me. I’m a self-taught artist & illustrator based in Vancouver. I create New Aeon Healing Art for Soul & Heart Therapy and illustrations based on mystical and spiritual beings, animals, children and anything to help remind me joy & happiness in daily life. To get to know more about me, feel free to read my bio in this page and the story of my art journey - Healing Art here and illustrations here! To find products of my creations, please visit my art store :)
Wish you would experience the healing vibrations I would like to share through this space with my artwork I create to support your beautiful healing journey. 

How The Story Begins....


This was the very first conscious question I asked when I realized for the first time in my life that one day we will all die. It was a quite surprise and also felt very unreasonable about the fact that we were born to die.  Mom said “ Luna, everyone dies and that’s how life is…” I tried to understand but thought that there would be something more than that...“No mom, we are not here to just age and die but there is a reason why we were all born!”  It was quite a thought as a little girl but I felt responsible to find the answer of my question - the reason of my Being here.

The guidance I received from my Soul to help find the answer was that I first need to experience the meaning of Light and Darkness in this world and within myself.  This realization came from the pre-cognitive dream what my mom had about my birth when I was still in her womb during her pregnancy. Also where my personal name ‘Luna’ originally came from.   In her dream, she saw beautiful full moons stretched out across the sky and each moon shone as brightly as the sun making it seems as thought it were day. Then the light from the moons led her to the shining crystals laid out on the ground where she was standing.  She always enjoyed sharing the story of my baby dream and reminded me of my connection to the moon. One day I asked my mom to find the meaning of the dream, then she told me “ Luna , See when the moon shines, it shines at night and the light shows the paths in darkness.. When you fully understand what this means, you will know why this dream came to you with your birth.”  I felt the weight of the words what she told me and it led me to the path of the journey to experience the meaning of Light and Darkness to find the Truth of Life.

Looking back, I was a shy and quiet child who found inspiration in drawing before my creativity branched out and expanded to music when I became a teenager. As the Soul who was born with an artist heart; sensitive, empathic and intuitive, it was very natural for me to believe in things beyond logic and the physical world with endless questions from my unlimited curiosity. However growing up in the Korean society at the time gave me lots challenges to keep my heart desire because of the lack of support for my creativity. It also caused much conflicts with my sensitive heart with observing deeply about the dark sides of the society.  At age 11, I instinctually knew that I needed to leave the country to find a right place for my creativity and freedom for my Soul.

In 2004, my long prayer had been heard and finally the miracle happened that I got a chance to study music in Vancouver, which is where I now call as my home.  However, the long waiting for this miracle was just a preparation before I begun this true journey to wake up my Heart and Soul for the deeper understanding of Life with Light and Darkness.

The journey was intense and very challenging to mirror the dark sides of the world within myself, which was painful to experience and caused much emotional traumas with my sensitive heart but it was the lesson I needed to learn how to overcome my fear and heal the wounds with my own strength. During this time I have experienced the thoughts and emotions what human being have been creating for pain and suffering. Also realized how our fear and ego continue to create these pains for us and others even without consciously knowing how it affects ourselves and each others.

The Truth I have realized through my journey was there are no good and bad between Light and Darkness. They co-exist together to give us choices to learn the true meaning of Light to create our life with who we’re born to be and what we’re born to live with. The choices to make the changes in our life with Light and embracing the Darkness within us to grow.

The answer I learned from my journey was very simple.


This was the Truth of Light I’ve been looking for and chose to live with. Also the essence of my True Self and the reason of my Being here.

My journey is on going and so is everyone,
To continue to be on the journey of LOVE, I'm here to share my gifts to help awaken LOVE within your hearts to remember your Souls to bring more Light into this World.

I’m truly honoured that you’ve come to connect with me through my musicartworkstory  and services I share for healing. 
Wish all my gifts would support your beautiful awakening journey to open your heart to remember the most beautiful light within you. 

Much Love, Blessings and Gratitude!

 Don’t be afraid of the journey down this path because it is unknown  from what you once knew, in this place of the unknown this is where MIRACLES are born.

 ‘Believe in yourself’.    - Luna

"Luna is such a beautiful soul. I have witnessed her transformation first hand, and if you have any doubt that miracles are real, let her be the light that shows you how magical life can be. She has done the work that so many of us are here to do, and she reminds us that love truly is at our source. She is an inspiration in every way, and a true warrior on our path to collective evolution. Her energy, integrity, and determination is a gift to us all. I trust her with my entire being, and am grateful every day to have her as a friend."  -  Taylor Smith, Artist & Photographer 

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