The Story behind My New Aeon Healing Art....

I remember myself drawing everyday when I was a little girl. It was the only thing made me comfortable from the outside noise. I was a sensitive kid and everything was loud around me, but drawing made me calm and peaceful whenever I got a chance to draw. My heart felt safe and made me breathe throughout the day. It was only thing I never lost interest (I was interested in and curious about so many things through my childhood) and wanted to continue to develop as my career.  But I was not able to pursue my dream when I failed to go to an art school in Korea.
It was my first time to experience a failure and rejection that I was not mature enough to handle my thoughts and feelings from the result. The fear made me stop drawing and criticize myself that I was not good enough. I felt lost... It was hard to admit and overcome the situation since drawing was all my passion and heart desire. I was not motivated to continue with drawing to fit my creativity to the education system where I was not able to to fit in. The fear of the failure made me turn my back on drawings as I was not strong enough to face my fear.  It took about 18 years to get back to drawing since then.

In 2013, still in the stage of the intense healing journey, I received this guidance from my Soul that I needed to start drawing again. It was very unexpected message for me at the moment because I thought drawing was not part of me anymore. It was forgotten and out of my life as all my focus was about music at that time and I really wanted to pursue and see better outcome with music for my career. Also I was not sure if I could even draw again or what to draw after the long break of 18 years.
The message reoccured and repeated in many different and beautiful ways until I surrender and integrate. A few month later since the message, I finally bought the colour pencils and sketchbooks to try what I can do and embody the meaning of messages I received about drawing.
The first drawing after the long break was lion. Then this beautiful healing took place when I grabbed the pens and draw lines on the paper. It was as graceful as my awakening moment. It was deep healing with lots of tears as my soul has been longing for this moment and patiently waiting for me to come back to the place where I left.
I didn't know what to do or where to start, just started doodling with colours to enjoy the beautiful moment of healing.
And then the guidance came through, there was a purpose of my drawings.
Tears again...  My soul started breathing and I could feel the excitement and happiness in life after getting back to drawing. The freedom of creativity was what I have lost but also what I was looking for.  And now I want to share this beautiful moment of healing with others through my drawings to help them experience the healing vibrations from colours.
My long break turned out to be better for the greater reason and I would be happy to share my experience through my drawings with others for the purpose of healing.

In April, 2016, I finally got a chance to have more time to draw and share with more people. I opened my first art page with Instagram to initiate the vibrations and be more committed to drawings I call as "New Aeon Healing Art". 

My New Aeon Healing Art is created to help you awaken and heal your heart and soul from the vibrations of colours. Colours are one of the Divine tools to express Light and Consciousness and mirrors of our Souls. The artwork has been created from a deep place of love within my Soul to empower you to take your journey to heal your life lessons and transfer the spiritual energy to help you succeed on your path. The core energy of all my artwork coming from the Three-Fold Flames of Cosmic Heart and each artwork vibrates with different spirit animals, masters, angels, and the planets of our solar system and star constellations in our galaxy and universe. They vibrate with beautiful light that you can physically feel if you are sensitive enough to catch the vibrations and linked to the Chakras to activate the higher dimensional light within your physical bodies and the clear communication within your hearts.
I meditate while I draw to connect with the Spirit Realms, communicate with Animal Spirits, Angels, Masters and benevolent Star Beings! This is the purposes of my gift to help others to connect with their Souls and Spirits through my drawing. To share the healing vibrations to open our Hearts and Souls for this important time of shifting. To raise our consciousness for the collective-evolution, mother earth and her creature and the world of Love, Peace and Freedom.

Light blessing to you all!

- Luna

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