My first album Ecclesiastes has been created from the 5 biblical stories - The 7 days of Creation in Genesis, Ark of Noah, Passover in Exodus, Resurrection of Jesus Christ and the 7 trumpets in Revelation. The stories described by only sounds with my own sound design and music composition. The genre is called ‘Soundscape’ with its filmic sound and originally mixed in 5.1 surround sound.

Ecclesiastes is the sound for ‘AWARENESS

To be aware of Who We Are and Why We Are Here by the evolution of our Consciousness.
We have been taught for long time to be only limited as human with our physical bodies and not to be fully aware of our True Self with our Souls. Other than what our societies have given to us, what can we define us from our own awareness of knowing Who We Are?
We are not only limited to live as a human here but SOUL with unlimited power and creativity from the Infinite LIGHT where our Souls came from. We are powerful and far greater than what we have been taught by this world.
Ecclesiastes has been created to help us remember this Truth within us with opening our hearts for more Love to raise our Consciousness to merge into our Souls.

Each sound has its own message that I've learned from the journey what I have gone through since I created the sound of Ecclesiastes in 2006. The journey to remember my Soul through Awakening ( Genesis), Healing ( Ark of Noah), Miracle ( Passover), Christ Consciousness ( Resurrection) and Rebirth ( Revelation) to be aware of myself as the True Master and Creator of my own life.

There is no visual for Ecclesiastes  because its purpose is to enhance our creativity using our own sense of visualization and imagination to experience the World of Soul within us. The videos only contain words for each scene to help you understand the transition of the sound with its biblical story.

As our journey is ongoing, the messages of Ecclesiastes will continue to grow and expand by the growth of my Consciousness and those who raise their vibrations from my sound with their own perception and creativity through their awakening journey to co-create the New World of Peace, Love and Freedom.

The inspiration may come many different forms to each person from Ecclesiastes because we are all different and unique, but the essence of my sound is same for everyone.


Check Out the Sound of Ecclesiastes

Album info - 2006 © Luna Ahn

Equipment List
Mixing Gear: Protools , Procontrol
Sound Design: Sculpture, Reaktor, FM7, Sci-Fi, Motif
Composition: Logic Pro, Garritan, Motif, Exs24
Sound Effects : SFX6000

Credits for Resurrection
Piano: Michael Ayotte
Guitar: Shawn Lee
Violin: Natasha Ratz
Katakum Smaples: Seah Hong