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I’ve never imagined myself becoming a healer even when I was on my awakening journey.
As embracing the guidance and awareness through my journey, I naturally developed my gifts of healing and started experiencing the miraculous healing for my emotional, mental and physical bodies. It was natural knowing that the remembrance came from my Soul.  After 9 years of self-healing journey, now I’m guided to share my gifts with others to help realize what I’ve learned.

The fun part of the awakening journey was sharing my own stories with other people regardless of the intensity of healing I've gone through. It's like telling the story of Alice in Wonderland. It stimulated my curiosity, excitement, and wondering. My intuition naturally grew stronger whenever I passed each stage of healing and led me to teach myself with Astrology, Numerology and other spiritual tools to understand the different vibrations of energy, signs, symbols, messages I receive and for others. Then, I found many others were experiencing same phenomenon in their life and came to ask me for guidance, which I was willing to share my experience with them. One of  the main purposes of awakening journey was coming out of limitation (In my awareness)- fear, negative thought patterns, programmed mind, survival issues and all those what we see/experience in the dark side of this world. Our journey has been conducted solely from our Souls at this time of changes for the collective evolution, the whole world is evolving and our consciousness is rapidly growing. This often comes with confusions and much emotional challenges from releasing the lower energy (Karma) we’ve been carrying on from the past to our current life for the physical, mental and emotional healing to raise our vibration to the higher levels.  As one of the pioneers for this awakening journey, I've been guided to share my experience with others through energy healing and intuitive reading, which I call 'Soul-Therapy'.

Soul-Therapy is simply to find the Love and Light within yourself to help overcome the fear you’ve been carrying to take the ownership of your Soul to create your life what you want it to be.

My healing session is based on experience before knowledge. I’ve experienced what you may have experienced and are experiencing now. I was born with depression and this taught me so much about my shadow sides and how to heal the wounded and lost parts of myself.  Light was the answer and Love healed them all.

My intuitive reading  is also different to psychic reading. it’s primarily the conversation between you, your Soul (higher self) and Spirit Guides of Pure Light beings and me.  I become the voice of your Soul to guide you to find answers and clarity from your life journey until you reach the certain level of awareness and learn how to connect with your Soul in your own way to heal the past wounds, aware of who you truly are and remember your purpose of life here.

The core purpose of my session is ultimately to help you wake up the most powerful healer within you.  It's your Soul and you are the most powerful healer and teacher to yourself.

My healing session is mainly focusing on emotional healing and will be spontaneous. It's combined with intuitive reading. I may help you with the conscious timeline healing if you are ready for it. Sessions will be differ to each person depending on your awareness level and sensitivity.

How does it work?

  • I will request a photo of you, and the stories you would like to share with me. (challenges, hardships, emotional & physical pains, the areas of your life you would like to work on and current stage of your awakening journey...)
  • Send me three main questions you would like to ask to your Higher Self, Spirit Guides and Guardian Angles. 
  • I will send you available schedules to set up the energy healing session for chakra cleansing and balancing.
  • Once the energy healing session is done, I will send you the messages I received during the chakra healing session along with the answers of your questions  in 3 to 4 business days by email after I intergrate the messages. 

What happens during the session?

  • During the session, you might feel physical sensations like tingling, chilling, feeling emotional, crying, or peaceful and calm in opposite. You might have a vivid dream on the same day or next day after session. Also feeling lighter next day. Some cases, may not feel any sensations. Don't worry about not feeling anything at the moment as the experience can be different and happens in various ways for people.

Session Price

  • $130 USD per session -Worldwide 

Book Sessions

  • I can only provide 3 sessions for each month due to my availability. Please fill out the contact form below to reserve next available spot for your energy healing sessions if you are interested or feel free to contact me if you have questions about the session :) 

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