Credits for Ecclesiastes

ADAM FULTON - Who was my instructor at AI and the biggest help for Ecclesiastes. When I got the inspiration of Ecclesiastes as my graduation project, the only instructor I wanted to ask for guidance was him. I believed that he could understand what I wanted to create and he did. When I almost felt impossible to finish Ecclesiastes in that limited time, he spoke gently but with faith, “ Luna, you can do this!” He encourage me to go beyond my limit to finish Ecclesiastes. Then I really did! Adam, I’m forever grateful about your support, advice,encouragement for my sound and creativity. I couldn't finish 'Ecclesiastes' without your guidance!  You were an amazing and true instructor with your strong heart and still you are! Thank you so much!

MICHAEL AYOTTE - Who is my old friend and a beautiful soul with amazing talents in music. He played the piano for the sound of Resurrection. He taught me what true connection between friends through our friendship and always helped me remember the best part of myself whenever I forget. I'm very lucky to have his piano playing for my sound Resurrection.  Mike,  thank you so much for your amazing support with your beautiful heart! Please visit his website:

SHAWN LEE - Who played the guitar for the sound ‘Resurrection” , A very talented composer, guitar player and sound engineer. Sorry that I made you stay until 3am at the studio to finish the recording of Resurrection!  What you have created for Resurrection is more beautiful than what I expected.  Thank you so much for your help, Shawn!


ANDREW CZINK - Who was my instructor at AI and inspired me with his astonishing piano playing and his creative spirit. He motivated me to break the limitation and discover my own skills with my sound. Also introduced the world of Soundscape that became my genre of music. The most grateful thing is the word what he gave me at the graduation day with ‘Persistence'. It's been remained in me past 8 years to keep my hope until I’m ready. Andrew, thank you so much for your support with your beautiful spirit. You've been a true instructor to help me believe in myself. Thank you! Please visit his label's website

STEVEN FEINDELL - Who was my instructor during AI but now only his spirit is with us.  Steve, wish you were here to see what I have done so far.  I finally did it as you believed.  Thank you for all your teaching, encouragement and humour during AI. You were amazing and always will be, Thank you!

AI INSTRUCTORS & FRIENDS - One of the most precious times in my life that I wouldn’t mind to go back if a chance given to me! I met so many talented Souls who accepted each other as who we are with no bias that we shared our creativity and freedom in fun and joy.  Miss the sleepless nights at the studios, beers at the BCIT pub after exams, much laughs in the class. Unforgettable time with learning from each others with sharing our creativity and making lifelong friends!  Much love and gratitude to all my friends (gangs) and instructors from AI. You guys rock! Thank you.

TAYLOR SMITH - My dear friend and soul sister who has been helping me with her artwork for my website and my album Ecclesiastes. Very talented artist with her beautiful Soul drawings and intuitive writer with her pure heart ! Her artwork is more than special, and I’m very honoured to have her artwork for my sound. Taylor, thank you so much for your amazing support.
Please visit her website:

ALL MY FRIENDS - I’ve been truly blessed to meet so many loving people through my life journey.  They became like my family that I didn't feel alone since I moved to Canada. We have been  growing up together with helping and understanding each other to deepen our friendships. We shared happiness and sadness for each precious moment. I value every single person of you as a gift. Much love and gratitude to you all who I met through my journey!

FMAILY - My biggest supporters with their unconditional love and prayers. When I came out from the deepest darkness, the person I thought of was my Mom. “ If there is at least one person truly love you with one’s heart, you never lose your light within you.”  And the one person was my mother who came here as my guardian angel to help me remember the Light when I was at the darkest moment. You taught me the most valuable thing in my life that I will also inherit to my children, ‘Unconditional love'.  Mom, dad, sister, I love you with all my heart, more than you can imagine. Thank you for everything and being my family with your love and faith.