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The Personalized Healing Art is the service I provide with a custom art for your Chakra balancing and healing. As colours are one of the Divine tools to express Light and Consciousness and mirrors of our Souls, they have a strong healing power/force to help transform your vibrations into the essence of your Soul to be the True Master and Creator of your own life.

The artwork will be created and customized for you from the vibrations of your soul to help you empower your life journey to heal your life lessons. It will transfer the spiritual energy to help you succeed on your path to have more Love, Peace, Balance and Abundance in your life.

I create the artworks with pure intention and the deep place of love within through channeling the vibrations of your Soul, Higher Self and Spirit guides.

How does it work?

  • I will request a photo of you, and the stories you would like to share with me. (challenges, hardships, emotional & physical pains, the areas of your life you would like to work on and current stage of your awakening journey...)
  • You can choose the types of artwork between mandala or zentangle feather drawing.  (If you prefer to have animals in the drawing, the price will go up as it takes more time and energy regards the details of artwork)
  • You can come up with ideas of drawing like preferred colours, elements, symbols and styles but I would suggest you to trust my intuition for the best result of artwork as I prefer to do it organically to create with pure vibrations of your soul. 
  • Once I receive all the information, I will meditate to attune and connect with your Soul, Higher Self and Sprit guides. (I do this session with intuition and psychic ability)  
  • Chakra Cleansing will be provided when I scan your Chakras and any messages I receive through the session will be provided in written with the original artwork. (The value of  this energy healing session is $130 and it's included in the service) 
  • The size of artwork will be 8 x 10 inch 140lb, acid free, heavy weight professional mixed media paper. 
  • The medium of artworks are professional archival grade ink pens and colour pencils.
  • Copyright of artwork belongs to the artist and limited edition of prints will be shared for the purpose of the group healing of  your soul group. You can use the designs for your personal tattoos.

Price and Shipping

  • The price of artwork is $550USD (Shipping included and comes with a tracking number)
  • Please allow me to take 4-6 weeks for your personalized healing artwork since it takes minimum 20 hours for me to complete. 

How to Order

  • To purchase your personalized healing art, please fill out the contact form below or email me at

Much Love & Blessing!

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