"I wanted to take a moment to share with you how grateful I am for all the inspiring messages I received from spirit.   I read every word very carefully and every single one resonated with me. The messages I received touched me deep down to my core and have started a deep reflection within me.Most particularly the messages about my body, my health and my soul.Luna, I couldn't be happier for the time you have dedicated to me.  This whole experience has enriched my soul and made me so much more self-aware.   I am doing all that I can to stay in good vibrations with my soul, and your healing art will be a daily reminder for me once I hang it on my wall, so THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart! - Sylive, Ontario

"Luna is amazing. An angel from another place. We were actually co-workers for a few years before I even knew what amazing gifts she had. One day while riding up to work in the elevator, she shared with me her talent for numerology and later did a reading for me that left me telling all my friends about her and what I had learned. A few years later during a difficult time dealing with a relationship obstacle Luna guided me with patience, love, and support using her incredible gift as both an intuitive soul counsellor & an angel oracle card reader. Her guidance gave me many things but hope and a belief in something greater were the ones that altered the course of my life. To Luna I am forever grateful…"  - Melissa, Vancouver 

"Luna is such a beautiful soul. I have witnessed her transformation first hand, and if you have any doubt that miracles are real, let her be the light that shows you how magical life can be. She has done the work that so many of us are here to do, and she reminds us that love truly is at our source. She is an inspiration in every way, and a true warrior on our path to collective evolution. Her energy, integrity, and determination is a gift to us all. I trust her with my entire being, and am grateful every day to have her as a friend."  - Taylor Smith, SoulSpark.ca

"I met Luna at a chance meeting two years ago and was the biggest of skeptics at the idea of numerology having any accuracy. After she basically helped me have a breakthrough at the most difficult time in my life, I now introduce her to friends for whom I believe she can be of help, only to see them in tears at how accurate Luna is with her insight. Luna has an inexplicable gift that is not magical nor mystical, it simply is." - MariamCaffeinated Media Solution.com

"By sharing her gift and different take on life, Luna(E-Yoom) provides guidance and inspiration for me to lead a more courageous and happier life" - Anin, Burnaby BC 

" I'm always amazed by Luna's insight and her ability to see a situation from a perspective of clarity. The things I struggle with, the obstacles that cause me to stumble, she's able to find a solution to or suggest a way to move closer to a solution if the timing isn't quite right." - Michael Ayotte, Story of the Heart

" You are inspiration to me and help me see the light in situations and I can't help but thank you, because you are here a part of in where I am here today. I love you the world!" - Courtney Jean, Divine Inner Chi

"Ecclesiastes was the perhaps the most ambitious project I have mentored. It was a fascinating, inspiring, and highly creative endeavour that will be featured a long side top student work for some time. - Adam Fulton, The Art Institute of Vancouver

"Amazing work from an amazing person!!!! When I see someone like her doing work like that it reminds me why I'm dedicated to education. People like her make all the work worthwhile and exhilarating!" - Andrew Czink, The Art Institute of Vancouver

"Ecclesiastes is a well-crafted and highly marketable project, that highlights her compositional/sound design and engineering capabilities. A lot of people come through the Art Institute doors and are embarking on a difficult industry to break into. I recognize true gifts and the capacity for success. Few have what it takes, Luna is among them."David Bernstein, The Art Institute of Vancouver

"Ecclesiastes was lovely; the audio at times breathtaking. The project thoroughly demonstrated an extraordinary promise and potential. "Stephen Feindell, The Art Institute of Vancouver

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